We answer your frequently asked questions:

About Us

  • We live and work in Taganrog, Russia.
  • My favorite helmet we’ve made is the Golden Jaguar helmet.

About our products

  • Our products are available for order in two types – printed on a 3D printer and molded from two-component plastic. We use PLA for printing. For casting we use hypoallergenic impact-resistant two-component plastic.

  • Yes, sure. However, we need an accurate 3D model. If you don’t have a 3D model, we can design one for you.
  • You can choose from 20 to 26 inches. By default, we manufacture under the size of 23 inches.
  • Yes. To tint the visor, we use car tinting.
  • Yes. Yes. We glue in a thick layer of soft padding so that the helmet fits snugly around your head.
  • Yes. Contact us and tell us what colors are needed for the final result.
  • Yes, you can purchase from us any model from the “3D models” section of goods. We cannot sell models of other authors from the categories “Helmets and masks” and “Pre-orders”. However, if you need a particular model, you can ask us to make it for you.
  • No. In the “Pre-orders” section there are goods that we can make for you, but have not done yet. We add screenshots of the 3D models we have so that you know the range we have. You can see photos of finished products that we made earlier in the “Helmets and masks” section.
  • Production time depends on the complexity of the product and our workload. On average, we need from 2 to 12 weeks.

About payment and delivery

  • We ship parcels all over the world. However, due to various circumstances (covid, sanctions, etc.), delivery to certain countries may not be available. If your delivery to your country is not available, we will write you a message and cancel the order.
  • We send parcels from Taganrog (South of Russia).
  • Since the delivery is international, delivery takes an average of 3 weeks.
  • We need your address in order to send you a parcel. If you purchase a digital product (3D model) from us, you do not need to provide your address.
  • Due to the sanctions that have come into force, all standard international forms of payment have become unavailable. However, we have found an alternative. After placing your order, we will send you payment instructions by email.

Our e-mail: c.rus.factory@gmail.com

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